Members Bulletin Board. Members can use this page like they would use a bulletin board at their job, or at the grocery store, except you can reach a wider audience. Advertise services, items for sale, and items wanted, whatever you choose. Email your postings to the webmaster. Include a picture if applicable. Postings will be dated and stay active for 6 months, unless renewed or taken down by request. Include your contact information: email or phone or both.   

12 August 2019


For trade - 1966 GTO/Lemans Rally Gauges, no speedometer but speedometer faceplate included.  Would like to trade for an early 1965 Rally Gauge set (early 65 tach with full green band).  Contact Jason Daubert (

For sale - 1966 Deluxe steering wheel - standard black complete with chrome horn bar.  Good condition, a couple cracks.  Contact Jason Daubert (

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