29 March 2021

Please check your email for the latest club newsletter (sent March 28th).  There will be a club meeting on April 8th.  Check the newsletter for location and time of the meeting.

20 March 2021

Our friends to the west, Susquehanna Valley GTO, have released the flyer for their 2021 all Pontiac car show.  As someone who has attended the last two years, I can tell you it is well worth the drive!  For more information click on the show flyer button or visit SVGTO.com.

14 March 2021

The clock has been adjusted one hour ahead and spring is right around the corner.  Here's hoping the next "389" you fire up is measured in cubic inches, not cubic centimeters!

7 March 2021

Forecast high temperatures for the next week are double digits and start with a 6!  The first car events are a little over a month away.  More events have been added to the Calendar page.

28 February 2021

The good news is that it is warmer and the snow is melting.  The bad news is warmer means high 30's and a rainy weekend.  When you take a break from those indoor projects, take a look at the Calendar page so you can start planning your summer.  If you would like to tell us about your event, contact us through the information listed on the Contact Us page.

20 February 2021

Does this winter seem longer than any one before it?  It might be too cold out in the garage but you can always catch up on the work that needs to done inside.

22 January 2021

Please check your email for the latest club newsletter (sent January 20th).  Included in January's newsletter is an article covering our club members helping each other out.  A member needed to get his car back together in order to move it to a new garage and some fellow members helped out.

11 January 2021

Congratulations to Harry Santa!  Harry's 65 and 05 GTO's will be featured on the cover of the February 2021 copy of the Legend!  The GTOAA January 2021 email newsletter shows us a sneak peak of the cover.  Harry's cars look fantastic as usual!

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