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CLUB CONTACTS            


President - Vacant


Vice President - Bob Jones (62straycat@gmail.com)


Treasurer - Dwayne Rissmiller (gtodr@ptd.net)


Secretary - Jason Daubert (jason.daubert@gmail.com)

Newsletter Editor - Curt Kichline (babskich@verizon.net)


Webmaster - Jason Daubert (jason.daubert@gmail.com)


Board Members:

Bob Jones (62straycat@gmail.com)

Jason Daubert (jason.daubert@gmail.com)

Gwen Seltzer (610-767-1395)


Technical Advisors:

'64 - '65 Harry Santa (harry.santa@comcast.net)

'66 - '67 Ed Rowe (erowe6@comcast.net)

'68 - '70 Bob Jones (62straycat@gmail.com)

'71 - '72 Scott Silberg (junkyarddog116@msn.com)





Looking for a car show or a cruise to attend?  The sites below have a pretty comprehensive list of events for eastern PA and most of NJ.