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September 16th started out with dense fog and a fine mist, which was already an improvement over the weather we had on the days leading up to the show. By 9:00 or so the sun overpowered the fog and it turned out to be a great day, sunny and in the low 80’s. There were 75 cars in attendance for the 19th Annual Star show. Thanks go out to all of the club members that volunteered their time and energy to bring the necessary items to the show and then to run the show. There were 1st, 2nd and 3rd place plaques for various classes, along with assorted specialty awards. Below are the results for the Club Member class, along with those club members that won a specialty award.

1st place - Terry Daubert 1961 Catalina
2nd place - Ed Rowe 1967 GTO convertible
3rd place – Lynn Hoffman 1966 GTO
President's Award – Jim Darlington 1967 GTO
GTOAA Award – Harry Santa 1965 GTO

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