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15 December 2019

Well it's that time of year to tuck away the Pontiac and get to work on those winter projects.  Hopefully you completed your wish list in time for Santa's elves to put together those parts you need.  We have members working on: a new garage, full restorations, swapping a T-10 for an M20, changing out clutch linkage, rebuilding an M20, rebuilding a Hurst shifter and even a member swapping out a frame.  What are you working on?  Send us a line or a pic through email or our facebook page.  Better yet, come to the next club meeting in March and tell us about it.  We may have the advice or even the part you need!


27 October 2019

Congratulations to club member Larry McConnell for winning an Outstanding Popular Vote award at this year's POCI National Convention in Gettysburg!!


23 October 2019

With great sorrow we must tell you about the passing of club member Brian Jankowski.  Brian will be sorely missed.  Our condolences to his family.

17 October 2019

Our club has won a 2019 GTOAA Silver Level Certificate of Excellence Award in recognition of our club newsletter Wide Tracking, our website, our social media and the number of members who are also support the national association.  Thank you Curt for your outstanding work on our newsletter and George who keeps everyone posted on Facebook and all our club members who are also GTOAA national members!

25 September 2019

Thank you! Thank you to all who:

  • Attended

  • Brought a car

  • Helped to run a successful show

We appreciate everyone who supported our club and the Valor Clinic Foundation through our 2019 car show!  We hope to see you again in 2020!

Visit our Car Show page to find more information and pictures from the car show.


16 September 2019


The long wait is over!  Our 20th annual car show is this Sunday September 22, 2019.

A thank you to all our club members who came out last Thursday to stuff goody bags!  A thank you also to everyone who has signed up to volunteer and bring needed items!!


Volunteers wanted for parking, grilling, counting ballots, selling raffle tickets, moving cars at Star before and after the show, day of show set up...  The more help we have the easier it will be.  The show is a great fundraiser for the club, allows us to donate to charity (the Valor Clinic Foundation this year) and is great outreach to the general public and a great way to add members.  If you are interested in volunteering let us know at the next club meeting or contact George Meier. 


22 July 2019 - Updated

GTOPA was proudly represented at last weekend's POCI Convention in Gettysburg.  We had participants in points judged class, popular vote class and road warriors display.  At this time we know of at least two gold awards in the points judged class, one by Harry Santa with his 1961 Bonneville Convertible and one by Ed Rowe who scored a perfect 400/400 with his 1967 GTO Convertible!  Take a look at our member rides section if you would like to see some pictures of these cars.  Congratulations to our GTOPA participants!  It was a very hot but fun and rewarding event.  

Gold at Gettysburg 1.jpeg

16 July 2019

July is our club membership renewal time and why not register for the car show while you are at it!

12 May 2019

With great sorrow we must tell you about the passing of Rich Kreischer.  In addition to serving on our Board of Directors, Rich will be remembered for directing parking at our annual Star show.  Rich will be sorely missed.  Our condolences to Shirley.

17 November 2018 - Thank you John Setzer!

John has been our webmaster for the last five years and has done an outstanding job creating and maintaining our current site.  Thank you for your dedication to our club!  John has decided to step down since moving to Florida.  Jason Daubert will be taking over as webmaster.

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